Paris & Hotel Sacha

For Hotel Sacha, a wonderful boutique hotel in the Montmartre district in Paris, I did a combination of an interior shoot and a touristic travel trip around Paris. I provided more than 200 images, which can be used on the hotels social media and website.

A couple of helpful tips when you go to Paris:

  • The best aerial night views on Paris I ever saw: from the rooftop of the Tour Montparnasse (18 euro entry fee, only 13 euro when you travel with a Paris Visite metro card like me). In case you where wondering: it is forbidden to fly with a drone in Paris, so this would be your best option to catch the Eiffel tower from above.
  • At 7h30, there is nobody at the Sacre Coeur 😃. But you cannot see the Eiffel Tower from here.
  • The spectacular indoor ceiling shot is at the Galleries Lafayette at Blvd Haussmann, it is a big shopping mall, free entrance, and you can go to the top floor with a free rooftop terrace to take photos. Yes, you can see the Eiffel Tower from here 🙂.

I have some more shots on my instagram stories if you’re interested:

Here are some of the shots!